Diamond Polishing Pads for Stone

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Carborundum stones blocks bricks hand polishing


  • Choose Either
  • GC36,GC60 Grit # or GC100# 
  • Stone & Concrete
  • 150 x  50 x 50mm
  •  6"   x  2" x  2" IN
  • Green
  • boxed in white box

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Product Title           : Carborundum 1x blocks bricks hand polishing
Product  Referance: GC Carborundum Block
Product EAN13 No : 5060546970774   (GC36)
Product EAN13 No : 5060546970781   (GC60)
Product EAN13 No : 5060546970798   (GC100) 
Product RRP Price : £10.50 -£12.00
Product Size & weight: 50MM x 50MM x 150MM 2"x 2"x6" (0.750kg)
Product condition: New in white boxes.  Girt No marks
Manufacture       : Hardrockuk.com/MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIERS
No of Items in offer: One
Pack deals        :  6 or 9 blocks Value Packs.= 4.75kg/7kg  Cases of 25. =20kg
Description              :  GC60 grit  grit seems the best on most materials used on sandstone and concrete.

Green carborundum polishing blocks are a hand finishing polishing rubbing  stones sanding block to polish smooth all types of sandstone often used in the  carving of architectural pillars, windowsills etc. Carborundum Brick Hand polishing Block Polishes and Cleans sandstone, concrete & terracotta. Removes scratches, bumps, lumps from casting or diamond cutting and grinding with easy. use with water to help get a good polish. rub or file until you develop a slip or sludge of block and the material you wish to remove.  Other areas of use clean dirt grim from stone fire place, flags, paving, stone or concrete tops on walls. door surrounds, old painted stone window ledges sills.  The rubbing blocks will bring the stone back to the original colour and a buff finish.

Please select the GC60 is most popular sand stone and concrete to home polish or the GC100 Grits this is  a little bit finer finish and harder block this we find good for harder stones that need a more polished finish also good on ceramic tile edges hard stone marbles and granites that do not need a full polish. They can also be used to dress diamond blades where the blade has over heated and burnt or fured up.  Use the blade to cut into the block this should clean and expose the diamond again.

We sell hundreds of this block per year to stone masons and concrete firms.  some people only need one block to clean items around the home  & garden. architectural stone, paving concrete / sandstone / limestone, fireplace halves, doorways, old pained stone window ledges, steps, concrete formed statues ornaments the list is endless.    

sanding block abrasive block rubbing block 

Please select the GC36, GC60 or the GC100 Grits. 

For the best Deal you can purchase a wooden Case of 25 blocks. 20KG
Pack deals :  6 or 9 blocks Value Packs. Posted in heavy duty double wall corrugated layered cardboad boxes for safer shipping.
  • Carborundum Brick 
  • Hand polishing Block
  • Polishes and Cleans sandstone & concrete.
  • Removes scratches from diamond cutting and grinding with easy.
  • use water to help get a good polish. 
  • USE WET mostly can be used dry.

Please choose your Grit GC36, GC60# Medium coarseness & GC100# smoother coarseness.

Target users: sandstone masons, monumental masons, monumental masons, stone maysons, concrete floor, DIY

Legal: you should wear PPE personal Protective Equipment. It is used to sand and remove flying debris. (goggles, gloves, dust masks and any other protective wear.)

Trade Distribution        :-  It is possible to buy in bulk and stock this product as a reseller. Please contact Hardrock Uk,  The Stone Yard Irongate Barn, Holcombe Road, Helmshore, Rossendale, Lancashire, England 01706 220795   www.hardrockuk.com 

You should not expect us to deliver you goods via our vans Near Blackburn, Lancashire unless it has been agreed and we have a regular delivery route to you. 


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Douglas 2021-07-13

Choices of grit GC36, GC60,GC100

I purchased a mixed box of the blocks.
As I checked out on-line I noticed the shipping did not increase much. I added several other item with only a few £pound extra or Zero. Nicely packaged box.
GC36 sure did remove material well.
GC60 gave a good finish
GC100 very fine and took hardly anything off
A great choice of handy blocks
cleaned up my Bricks and stone window sills on the front of my house

    never used one before 2018-12-10

    Novice users

    Novice use - instructions on the side of box

    Love the new instruction on how to use these blocks. Ideal for me an novice!
    :) thanks

      Cash Sale c 2017-01-26

      Does the job!

      does the job as expected.
      Takes a while to rub stone in to polished slury to get a good buff finnish. The running brick/ block opens up the more you uses it.

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        Carborundum stones blocks bricks hand polishing

        Carborundum stones blocks bricks hand polishing

        • Choose Either
        • GC36,GC60 Grit # or GC100# 
        • Stone & Concrete
        • 150 x  50 x 50mm
        •  6"   x  2" x  2" IN
        • Green
        • boxed in white box

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