Roc Quicki 5" 125mm variable speed wet stone polisher

Roc quicki 110v polisher


110 volts.Wet variable speed stone polisher Roc-quicki model RCD electrical safety unit (GIFI) 5" max Locking spindle quick change disc and Splash guard.

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Product Title        : Roc quicki 5" 125mm variable speed wet stone polisher

  • Product  Referance: Roc quicki 110v polisher
  • Product EAN13 No : 6064254610815
  • Product RRP Price : £199.99  
  • Product Size & weight: 330MM x 130MM x 150MM  3.3kg
  • Product condition: New in Roc branded boxes.  with operation instructions
  • Manufacture       : Roc Portable stone machines
  • No of Items in offer: One
  • Description           :  NEW EVEN BETTER 5" GRANITE QUARTZ WORK TOP WET STONE POLISHER. Light weight easier to use, these like our other power stone tools are made in the same city as Makita. Our components are reliable and use for over 13 years. This is the our most popular used and my recommendation for use on site to polish and shape granite. Use with 100mm diameter Velcro polishing pads, 100mm cup wheels and saw blades with flanges tocut can be added on to the M14 water spindle spout. The splash Plastic nylon guard you see in the picture is just that it can be removed. but is very handy as when you polish with water you this guard stops you getting your pants and feet wet. The water pipes are all extruded nylon pipe and quite strong. There approximate 2.5 meters long with brass fitting and a hozeloc to connect up to a extent ion hose pipe. The pipe fits to the brass controllable fitting on the polisher at the rear. This allows easy flow of water to the job. and also so you don't have to run back to the mains tap to stop the flow when inspecting your work. Having a choice of handle to use. I found in my time as a fitter and taking to other masons over several aspects of work to include both a metal spade like handle at per the photo and a side handle. Variable speed allows the user more control and accuracy in detailed work. It is easy just turn the dial with your finger and the motor either reduces speed or gains speed. Spindle lock button locks the M14 to make easier to remove tooling from the machine. Wear resistant die-cast aluminium gear cover. (painted silver) makes the machine more professional, attractive. The design is quite cleaver screws hold it in place and an engineer can replace worn parts or add different heads for florin countries if you find one it might not work or tools not attach like the UK and European market. The design allows us to add  M12 or M14 head found in the USA market5/8". We have agents over there that sell the re-designed product. if you find one it might not work or tools not attach like the UK and European market! 

Roc-quicki-wet polisher. 900 watts there are many different brands on the market with top brand names. But are they any good? after bench testing this unbranded product and design features. It came out on top. Use it wet or dry we stud on it we dropped it in a bucket of water. after it had time to dry out we retried it RCD cut out switch designed to save your life and pass new global electrical laws in other countries. the little green polisher fired up no
problem. The 3 spouts to let water out in a spray are much better than FLEX with only one. Only more time with daily use age will give ROC quicki-wet polisher a future.

Features :

  • Light weight compact design. Professional grade 900watt motor, variable speed 50Hz from 
    Variable Speed
    Switch 1: 900 RPM
    Switch 2: 1,300 RPM
    Switch 3: 1,800 RPM
    Switch 4: 2,250 RPM
    Switch 5: 2,700 RPM
    Switch 6: 2,950 RPM
  • Heavy-duty metal components and nylon body cover.
  • Wear resistant die-cast aluminium gear cover.
  • (painted silver under the plastic hand grip)
  • Easy to repair, auto stop, easy change carbon brushes.
  • Variable speed torque motor and control switch. Sealed electric switch variable.
  • Qucklock button locks spout for fast change of tools.
  • Water feed 3 point sprinkling spout, convenient spindle lock button. (lock the M14 water spout) CE RCD cut off safety switch. Splash guard, boxed 6.00KG Yellow UK 110 volt plug

We have fixed most returns by just drying out the machine fro excessive water to electics.

No flash back from motor when really wet. (can be found on some makeita models)

Boxed in Roc
branded cardboard box.12 months industrial warrantee subject
to independent engineers report.  (we might be able to fix it under warantee)

easy to repair machine.

service often £50.00

Parts no problem. UK

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The Polisher is the exact same as Metabo PE12-175 7in Variable Speed Mini Polisher



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Roc Quicki 5" 125mm variable speed wet stone polisher

Roc Quicki 5" 125mm variable speed wet stone polisher

110 volts.Wet variable speed stone polisher Roc-quicki model RCD electrical safety unit (GIFI) 5" max Locking spindle quick change disc and Splash guard.

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