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Stone Glue 1ltr Adhesive Polyester Resin & Hardener Tin


Polyester Resin & Hardener

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Product Title: Stone Glue 1ltr Adhesive Polyester Resin & Hardener
Product Reference: ( ???) 1ltr Polyester Resin & Hardener
Product Ean13: 5060546971887 -Transparent MAX strength GLUE HONEY semi clear.
Product Ean13: 5060546971894 - White MAX strength stone glue WHITE
Product Ean13: 5060546971900 - Black MAX strength stone glue BLACK
Product Ean13: 5060546971917 - STRAW cream MAX strength stone glue STRAW cream.
Product Ean13: 5060546971924 - Extra tube of hardener.
Product Manufacturer: Koinonia
Product Size : 1ltr steel tin
Product weight: 1.2kg
No in offer: One + one hardener
Chose your colours available: Honey semi clear, White, Black, Straw, Extra Hardener tube.
Koinonia Stone Glue Adhesive
Koinonia Polyester resin bonding adhesive is ideal for glueing repairing vertical and horizontal marble and similar stone, granite, marble, terrazzo, travertine engineered stone and natural stones. Can also be used as putty for filling and repairing cavities or cracks. Also suitable for wood and metal. The glue is smooth and easy to spread.
you only need to apply 1-3% amount of hardener to Harden and quantity of glue. or ratio 1:100. (tiny amounts)
It is possible to colour tint with pigment to any shade of colour.
The Koinonia brand. The development of these products involved a cohesive team who chose a name to reflect their co-operation as well as the qualities of the products.  The word "Koinonia" appears in the bible several times where its meaning includes "fellowship". In ancient Greek text which predates the bible, it has a deeper meaning. There is no direct translation for the word, however, the meaning involves fellowship, cohesion and spiritually bonded. A great deal of research, development and reciprocal trust goes into the development of each one of our products, including polyester resin, silicones, and other stone-care related products.
Use- Inside or outside. Koinonia glue is a blended polyester and epoxy resins.  
Safety Notice: Adults only - Strong Glue Chemicals to mix and reactions in heat will occur. wear gloves and safety goggles when mixing the glue and hardener, colours, avoid eye contact with glue or the hardener or the colour pigments we do.   
using too much hardener can cause a chemical fire.  
Trade Distribution:-  It is possible to buy in bulk and stock this product as a reseller. Please contact Hardrock Uk,  The Stone Yard Irongate Barn, Holcombe Road, Helmshore, Rossendale, Lancashire, England 01706 220795 

Do not return the unused glue back into the tin cans.

Danger   GHS Flammable labelsImage result for GHS Image result for Harmful if inhaled symbol  

Transport Guidlines:           Road transport only Not suitable to Air Mail!
Hazard statements             H226 Flammable liquid and vapour.
                                                H315 Causes skin irritation.- May cause skin irritation/eczema.
                                                H319 Causes serious eye irritation.
                                                H332 Harmful if inhaled.
Contains:                               UN2055  STYRENE MONOMER, STABILIZED
Supplementary precautionary:    P261 Avoid breathing vapour/ spray.
statements:                              P321 Specific treatment (see medical advice on this label).   

Appropriate engineering Provide adequate general and local exhaust ventilation. Observe controls any occupational exposure limits for the product or ingredients. 

Eye/face protection Wear tight-fitting, chemical splash goggles or face shield.

Hand protection The most suitable glove should be chosen in consultation with the glove supplier/manufacturer, who can provide information about the breakthrough time of the glove material. Chemical-resistant, impervious gloves complying with an approved standard should be worn if a risk assessment indicates skin contact is possible.

Other skin and body Provide eyewash station. AVOID ALL SKIN AND RESPIRATORY CONTACT! Wear chemical

Protection protective suit. Image result for gloves safety symbol  Image result for goggles safety symbol Image result for respirator safety symbol Laytex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves disposable Gloves and Gas, Mist, Ozone, Vapours Dust Mask full face.

Hygiene measures Use engineering controls to reduce air contamination to permissible exposure level. Provide eyewash station. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Wash at the end of each work shift and before eating, smoking and using the toilet.

Respiratory protection If ventilation is inadequate, suitable respiratory protection must be worn. Check that the respirator fits tightly and the filter is changed regularly.

Please download the full SAFETY DATA SHEET on htis product o understand the full risk assments. 


Dave Greenhalgh 2020-10-27


Great Service and glue worked very well on granite repairs

    cash sale c 2019-02-24

    large grave head stones

    1st class service, the stone glue refitted 2 large grave head stones that had been knocked over. worked well thank you

      ollie 2017-08-18

      great! Glue

      I used it on sandstone with no hardener it set over night and we cleaned it up with a a rubbing block.

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      Stone Glue 1ltr Adhesive Polyester Resin & Hardener Tin

      Stone Glue 1ltr Adhesive Polyester Resin & Hardener Tin

      Polyester Resin & Hardener

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