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Metabo W18 LTX 125 Quick Angle Grinder 18V Cordless


choice of batteries none or 5.2AH

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Product Title : Metabo W18 LTX Metabo W18 LTX 125mm Quick 18 Volt choice in Batteries

Product Referance: Metabo W18 LTX 125mm Quick 613075840
Product EAN13 No : 
Product RRP Price : £399.99e with 2x 5.2Ah battery
Product RRP Price : £199.99e with Grinder only

Products size: 125mm D (5") 22.23 centre Grinder
Product Pack Size : 48.4 x 31 x 13.2 cm
No of Items in offer: choice 
Product Description:W18 125mm Angle Grinders Li PowerPlus Extreme 18 Volt

The Metabo W18 125mm 18 Volt high torque Cordless Angle Grinder has a robust and durable wear-resistant four pole motor.

This grinder can use both 115mm or 125mm discs due to the 2guards,The new W 18 LTX is so powerful,that can actually use it like an angle grinder.Cordless grinders of old were only really good for one thing, cutting for short periods of time,With the new Metabo W 18 LTX we believe can now start using cordless angle grinder like would actually use normal corded grinder- simple really,With base plate shoe protector for scratch free cutting on sensitive surfaces,Unique Thermal overload cut out,With base plate shoe protector for scratch free cutting on sensitive surfaces,Thermal sensor directly on the motor,If the grinder gets too hot it will slow down and a red LED warning light will come on,When the grinder is cool again,the machine will rev back up to full speed,This helps prolong machine service life,Easy Access Carbon Brushes,Self service, auto-stop carbon brushes,Very robust and wear-resistant motor,Battery Charge Level Indicator, Helps never run short of battery power

This Grinder comes equipped with the multifunctional monitoring system designed to protect the machine and battery pack, it also features the patented air cooled technology and thermal overload protection which allows fast charging and a long service life of the machine. This machine is also supplied with a detachable dust filter to further protect against intruding particles.

This model is extremely user friendly its slim motor housing makes it ideal for handling, the battery pack can also be swivelled to allow work in the most confined and hard to reach spaces. For total simplicity the guard can be adjusted without a the use of a tool and the tool change is also keyless allowing the user to adapt the machine to suit a diverse range of applications.

The electronic soft start function ensures a precise start to all applications and the LED provides information about specific situations (e.g. triggered no-volt release switch).

Technical Specifications:

Battery pack voltage: 18V. 
Grinding wheel Ø: 125 mm.
Idle revolution: 8.000/min. 
Spindle thread: M14.
Weight (including battery pack): 2.6 kg.

Each pack option comes with a battery charger and carry case

  • Grinder Body only with charger /carry case
  • grinder/ charger/ 2x 5.2Ah batteries / carry case


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Metabo W18 LTX 125 Quick Angle Grinder 18V Cordless

Metabo W18 LTX 125 Quick Angle Grinder 18V Cordless

choice of batteries none or 5.2AH

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