125mm 5" T-Tiger AMBER Diamond Blade flange holes


For abrasive materials like sandstone, concrete, brick & block Pre-drilled with 4 countersunk flange holes  22.23 centre. Dropped segments allows safer flat grinding.  


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Product Title           : 125mm 5" Orange T-Tiger Diamond Blade-Pre Drilled 
Referance: 125TTDB Sandstone flush cut
Product EAN13 No :   
Product RRP Price : £45.00  
Product Size           : 5" or 125mm   
No of Items in offer: One   

Description: Amber coloured diamond cutting blades are formulated in house and manufactured by Hardrock uk standards under the Piranha Diamond Products brand. Piranha diamond cutting blades are made to exceed the EN13263 standard this that blades can be fitted as a normal blade to a grinder with back locking nut.  Maximum operational speeds 12250Rpm 80mps.

  • Recommended safety operational speeds:  1000-8500RPM / 12-58mps with a bolt on steel flange attached. (Flush cutting)
  • We recommend a variable speed low vibration grinder for more detailed and it allows more control on difficult procession jobs. (20 minutes intervals)
  • We recommend extra safety PPE is used worn when flush cutting.  Some training should be given to identify the risks. But the flush cutting blade can serve as a potentially superior solution in some cases of use.

Amber= means suitable to be used on sandstone,brick, concrete and other abrasive materials. The Alloy diamond bond is harder to last longer on these rough materials.  Maximum operational speeds 12000Rpm 80mps.

  • Premium Quality Diamond content.
  • Use wet or dry.
  • Best on hard dense material like sandstone, brick, concrete and other abrasive materials
  • 22.23mm centre with 4 Pre-drilled countersunk
  • 4x countersunk flange holes to bolt on a 50mm steel flange. 
  • 10mm high segments in a std segmented key slot
  • Segment size 35mm long,  10mm high,  3mm width. 

New better cutting performance

Info on segment;designed with safety in mind each blade in professional quality diamond segments. Use the blade both wet or dry. Holes drilled on a CNC machine for perfect alignment and balancing with our flanges. Each blade has safety logos reminder to wear goggles, gloves, safety boots ect. The T-Tiger range is especilly good for flat flush cuting.

Amber Piranha diamond blades blades are a medium hardness bond alloy hot pressed segmented diamond blade. with 40/45 diamonds grit, then cold gas dipped. This hardens the alloy,  allowing a stonger hold on the diamonds,  allowing more exposure = a faster cutting.  The gas  shrinks micro gas pockets in the metal that weakens the bond alloy. This mean that the blades are brilliant, the best you can buy. There is a huge 10mm high segment for extra wear. They last a long time.  

Add a steel bolt on Flange
Adds more control and stability with quick release and flush cutting to your blade. Great care should be taken to ensure the blade is attached correctly and the screws are securely fastened.
Flange Sizes Solid Steel 
50mm M14 centre with 4x M5 Screws  
75mm M14 centre with 6x M5 screws

Trade Distribution        :-  It is possible to buy in bulk and stock this product as a reseller. Please contact Hardrock Uk,  The Stone Yard Irongate Barn, Holcombe Road, Helmshore, Rossendale, Lancashire, England 01706 220795   www.hardrockuk.com   




Better Engineered

why should you buy Piranha products .

Better engineered
Better Quality control
Made for professional stone works
built with safety in mind
Meets all EU quality standards by far.
Laser cut and drilled blades are the most accurate harden-steel bodies in the industry with hi tension. It is complex to explain how and why our blades are better they just are.

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    125mm 5" T-Tiger AMBER Diamond Blade flange holes

    125mm 5" T-Tiger AMBER Diamond Blade flange holes

    For abrasive materials like sandstone, concrete, brick & block Pre-drilled with 4 countersunk flange holes  22.23 centre. Dropped segments allows safer flat grinding.  


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