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230mm D 9" ORANGE PHOENIX Turbo Prianha Diamond Blade Stone & Granite Pack of 5

230D-PHOENIX -Pack-x5-SS


230mm (9") flush cutting diamond blade for sandstone

with solid steel bolt on blade flanges 

Pack of 5

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Product Title    : 230mm D 9" ORANGE PHOENIX Turbo Piranha Diamond Blade Stone & Granite Pack of 5

Product Reference: 230D-PHOENIX -Pack-x5-SS

Product EAN13 No : 5060546970484

Product RRP Price : £45.00e or Pack £200.00 pack

Products size: 230mm D (9") 22.23 centre Phoenix style turbo blade

Product Pack Size      : 9" or 2300mm x 100mm weight is 3.850KG

No of Items in offer: Five Blades + Two Free Bolt on Flanges

  • Description: Pack of 5x flush cutting diamond stone / sandstone medium density stone cutting blades Orange Amber coloured diamond cutting blades are formulated in house and manufactured by Hardrock uk standards under the Piranha Diamond Products brand. Piranha diamond cutting blades are made to a EN13263 standard this that blades can be fitted as a normal blade to a grinder with back locking nut.  Maximum operational speeds 6650Rpm 80mps.
  • Recommended safety operational speeds:  1000-6650RPM / 12-80mps with a bolt on steel flange attached.
  • We recommend a variable speed low vibration grinder for more detailed and it allows more control on difficult procession jobs.
  • Must read and download all the data sheets and safety information in attachments. Risk Assessment and training on how to operate and how attach when to attach bolt on steel flanges. safe operating speed and procedures should be noted in the Exercises in the safety risk assessments. on each task.  

Black = This blade is designed for fast performance cutting on Granite, Marble, and other Hard stone materials, engineering brick, hard concrete, ceramics.

  • Premium Quality Diamond content.
  • Use wet or dry.
  • Best on general stone concrete sandstone you may also like the black ones.
  • 22.23mm centre with 6 Pre-drilled countersunk
  • flange holes to bolt on a 75mm steel flange.
  • 8mm Height Turbo segments in a Phoenix Turbo segment slot
  • Multi cutting diamond blade, diamond carving blade, vanity blade
  • Good for shaping and flush cutting, flat grinding (flange attachments)

Rhino turbo blades are similar to a normal turbo blades except for the extended profile design clearly shown. The design is better,  removing more material than a standard turbo blade. They are faster cutting and more versatile as they can cut rounded corners and help in shaping or rounding edges of the stone. They work well when attached to a flange to give more control in shaping and doing small detailed work.

center 22.23 and pre-drilled for 6 holes 75mm flanges M14

About the segment diamond bond.

Piranha Orange Amber sandstone Bonds are a medium/ bond alloy hot pressed segmented diamond blade. with 40/45 diamonds grit, then cold gas dipped. This hardens the alloy. Allowing a stronger hold on the diamonds allowing more exposure = a faster cutting.  The gas shrinks micro gas pockets in the metal that weaken the bond alloy. This means that the blades are brilliant the best you can buy. There is a huge 8mm height dropped segment for extra wearing they last a long time. The dropped segment design comes into the centre of the blade allowing for flat or sideways grinding. 

Add a steel bolt on Flange

Adds more control and stability with a quick release and flush cutting to your blade. Great care should be taken to ensure the blade is attached correctly and the screws are securely fastened. (reduce RPM when using a flanged / flush cutting blade) use for 20 minutes maximum run time between breaks.

Flange Sizes Solid Steel 

50mm M14 centre with 4x M5 Screws  

75mm M14 centre with 6x M5 screws

This sale is for five Blades and one free bolt on steel flange M14 75mm

Trade Distribution        :-  It is possible to buy in bulk and stock this product as a reseller. Please contact Hardrock Uk,  The Stone Yard Irongate Barn, Holcombe Road, Helmshore, Rossendale, Lancashire, England 01706 220795 




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230mm D 9" ORANGE PHOENIX Turbo Prianha Diamond Blade Stone & Granite Pack of 5

230mm D 9" ORANGE PHOENIX Turbo Prianha Diamond Blade Stone & Granite Pack of 5

230mm (9") flush cutting diamond blade for sandstone

with solid steel bolt on blade flanges 

Pack of 5

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